Give Yourself Permission To Let Her Out….

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Hi, I am Willemijn,

Creator of House of Ladypreneurs, but I’m also a total sucker for everything that has to do with having a business, women empowerment and mindset, I’m a mother of two amazing children and a late night cake eater while watching documentaries. And I love to celebrate anything!

Feel, Love & Create…
is my credo…

I’ve been owning my businesses since 2010 and know all the ups and downs of having a business, being a mother (of two: born in 2012 & 2016) and trying to figure out a lot of stuff that comes with owning a business (or two). I’ve worked as a freelance marketeer in large corporate companies and started my own movement studio rasalila with no budget whatsoever. rasalila has now grown into a 6-figure business and keeps growing ever since the beginning. In between all of that I’ve opened a DIY shop, but had to decide to end that adventure after two years. This was a great lesson though; in feeling what was best for my business, but also to find out what I REALLY wanted.

For House of Ladypreneurs I offer business coaching for women that follows your HEART and PASSION. We’ll not talk about how to build a million Dollar/Euro company, but even more about how you give your (entrepreneural) Self-Confidence a boost, how to make contact with your real desires and how you turn that into concrete business strategies. I can give you super practical tips and am a big lover of finding out what makes you feel awesome and fired up, and how you can create a business that you LOVE.

I want you to feel awesome doing what you love and I’m super excited to give you the right mindset and tools to become the Ladypreneur you desire to be. If you want to deep dive into your business with me, please book a Free one-on-one coaching sessions with me. Or check out my online programs:

Give Yourself Permission to Let Her Out....

Join my Free Ladypreneur Strategy Challenge!

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