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My credo is; feel, love, create.
Because I deeply believe that we all need to work towards the things that just feel good.
When things feels good, you will love it and when you love it you will automatically start creating things around it. Whatever it is.

When you love something it will give you the All-Time Best Ever motivation to really create and to pursue.
Because isn’t it so that a lot of people have the greatest ideas but never get to make it reality? Or, you’ve made your idea reality but now you don’t really know why you’re doing what you’re doing?
This is probably because you didn’t start with exploring how you want to feel in the first place. Because when you feel good, know what makes you feel good and what you deeply care about, you’ll create products and services you and your customers will love.

It is a circular movement that will keep giving you this space to create and the energy and even necessity to put yourself and your business out there into the world.

But how do you actually get this circular feel, love, create movement going?
– First you want to determine how you really want to feel.
– When you have defined all of the things you are already doing in your life that make you feel good then think of the actions you can actually take in your business this week.
– Then you can go over your products and services. Do they feel good? If not, what do you need to do to change that and to give you the feeling you desire?

When you are clear on how you want to feel and what actions, clients and products make you feel that way, you will probably already feel a shift in your business. A shift that will give you a, Wow! this feels good! I love what I’m doing!
And when you love what you’re doing it will give you the drive to really create stuff that matters to you without procrastination.
You will be creating and selling products and services you love. And seeing your customers loving it too, will make you feel even better.
Do you see what happens!?