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It is extremely important to not only to gather knowledge around your products and services, but also to invest time and energy in how you can make your company successful in a way that you want it to be. 
That’s why I would like to introduce you to the world of marketing. What is it? And how can you use it when you don’t are a freelancer or small business owner  and you just want to connect with people and make an impact? 
Because as a freelancer or small business owner we usually start with having little or even no marketing budget. That’s how I started too. But of course, you want to be visible to your target group!

I will give you 9 steps to make a simple start with marketing for your business:

1 Always communicate with your audience in mind.
This is almost too obvious, but many still forget to really determine who their target audience is. Even for me this is a task that I like to procrastinate, but when you really know who your audience and clients are, the better you can serve them and the more they’ll come back to you. Almost everything within your company starts with knowing who your customers are.

◦ What your customers want
◦ What they love / what hobby they have
◦ What their desires are (for example; more peace or adventure)
◦ How does your business (service, product) make people feel?
What problem does your business solve for your clients?
◦ What do your clients or prospects struggle with?
◦ What are your clients hopes and dreams?
◦ Who will your client become as the result of the positive impact of your product?
◦ Are they men or women, or both?
 or none…
◦ Do they have children?
◦ What is their age?
◦ Where do they live?

2 What are your Unique Selling Points (USP’s)? 
What makes your business unique    

3 What are your biggest passions or topics you are interested that relate best to your business and audience?

4 How can you best reach your audience? Where are they?

5 What tools can you use to communicate about these passions, transformations and USP’s to inspire your audience with your passion?

Keep your answers of where to best reach your audience in mind.

6 What could you do to surprise your audience?
Think of ways to surprise your audience.
To give them a smile on their face and to make it worth talking about you with their friends

7 Be as clear as you can be!
Wherever you are communicating; always be super (and I mean SUPER) clear on what you want your audience to do. This is really serving your clients AND your business.

8 First, determine what the most common things are your audience is looking for or has most questions about in your business.

9 Then, have a look at all the communication that you do and try to look at it from a third persons eye. Can all answers be found quickly?
What can you change to make it more clear?