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Running a business is only partially about knowing what tools and tricks to pull, about knowledge of finance, administration or marketing. Because for a large part it actually is a mental game where it comes down to knowing how to handle upcoming fears.
Running a business can be scary, and I mean super scary and messy and busy and overwhelming with all the big and small things that need to be done. At times it can feel like risking everything in your life just because you started this business, and that people are judging your every move.

Running a business can be very demanding and this makes it extra important to know how to keep your head light and to keep feeling good about yourself and your business. To know exactly WHY you are doing what you are doing. Eventually this will make you a happier person, a better entrepreneur and more successful in whatever you are doing.

In this video I will give you 3 tips/habit changers that will generate positivity and energy to keep you on the right business track.