A while ago I put out a call for your help in putting the final touches in place before I release The Ladypreneur Strategy course and the response was overwhelming! Thank you all so much.
I’ve got pages and pages of questions about running a business as a Ladypreneur and the main question that was shining through almost all the questions is: “How To Stay True to Yourself”:

  • “How can I reach clients with staying true to myself”
  • “How can I find balance between running the business and being able to have enough time for my family and friends?”
  • “What is the best way to stay authentic, and not compare myself too much to others and loose my power?”
  • “How do I remain confident and positive when I experience negative reactions or a setback”
  • “How do you ‘sell’ yourself/your product without the feeling of putting yourself for sale?

And many more…

And I get that, as running a business is a VERY personal thing. It’s always there, day in day out, so it has to suit you, it has to fit your personality and not run against it…

But how do you stay true to yourself while running your business and make it successful at the same time?
Staying true to yourself is actually by far the BEST way to run your business. As you didn’t quit your day job to do something you don’t LOVE right?

Because I love to give back to all of you; rather than try and answer all those questions via email, I decided to just go ahead and shoot a video.

This video walks you through the primary steps to How To Stay True To Yourself While Running Your Business (Successfully).

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