Sensuality & Business;
4 ways to feel like a Goddess at work (and beyond).

A couple of weeks ago I sent out an email asking for the top questions on the topic of Sensuality and Business and I was really overwhelmed by the response. So I thought I would first write a quick blog (below) about it to give you some first amazing tips on how to use your sensuality to improve your business, mindset and overall wellness…

And in the meanwhile I’m working on a (free) video Masterclass to teach a lot more on the topic and what will result in an actual course about sensuality in business, called “The Sensual Business Roadmap”! Oh, my. How this feels good…

The topic goes really deep, and by the responses I received via social media, email, telephone and face to face on this I know a lot of you feel the same way and are really, really, really interested to understand and read yourself, your feelings and desires in such a way that it can help you move your business to succes, and move your stress level into a pleasure level

Let’s all feel like a Passion Driven Business Goddess! You’ll find the blog below.

If you’re interested to learn more about this and to join me in the the Sensual Business Roadmap Masterclass (FREE) don’t forget to fill in your email at the bottom of this page… <3

Sensuality & Business;
4 ways to feel like a Goddess at work (and beyond)

Sensuality and work are two words that we don’t often read in one sentence. Yet connecting our sexuality and sensuality can be the key to developing confidence to pursue what we want at work – and everywhere in life actually. At the same time, this goes against many of what women are taught and we struggle through our work that many of us associate with being exhausted, stressed and, above all, mainly doing things for others.

However, I want to help you make it more fun and playful. Many women work from 9-5 or have a business that takes far more hours than is paid for and feel exhausted and without inspiration. Do you recognize this? 
You may practice yoga, try to eat healthier, exercise etc, but without lasting results. What you probably have not done yet is to focus on yourself. On your own pleasure and on the power of your sensuality and desires.

Because that power is what it’s all about. The pleasure and joy of a woman is one of the greatest powers that nature has given us. It has an exciting effect on herself, her life and therefore on her work, business and success.


As Regina Thomashauer writes; “We don’t need a pleasurable life and it’s not an obligation. But we are taught to work hard, study hard and not to focus on what we need or desire. And many of us even forgot that a life of pleasure even exists!” 
Once you know how to read, notice and follow your feelings in all of the small daily things, to the bigger decisions within your business you’ll notice this will give you that feeling of flow and ease and calmness that will give you the energy and power to make anything happen. Anything that is close to your heart and vision.

And even if someone else doesn’t like the decision you’ve made, this negativity doesn’t really matter, because you’ve made the decision for a clear reason, one that feels good and gives you energy and excitement. And then nothing else matters much.

Here are 4 tips I want to give you to use the greatest power that you possess, in your work and in your life; Your sensuality:


1. Start every day with a dose of pleasure
Do something in the morning that connects you with your senses in a pleasurable way, whether through masturbation or anointing yourself with your finest body lotion, doing a short yoga practice or anything else that makes you feel very good. Think of something every morning (or do the same thing every morning) that makes you feel great. You can also combine this activity with expressing your favorite affirmation (“When I feel good, I will make the world a better place.”). Someone who starts the day by taking time for herself is able to appear fully charged. Do you wonder how do I do this with children around? Be creative; get up a little earlier for yourself, let the children watch a video for 5 minutes, think of what you can do that brings you pleasure when you dropped off your children and are on your way to work. It’s worth it. Really.

2. Wear something that makes you feel like a goddess
After you’ve used your dose of pleasure in the morning you can use the feeling that it gave you to choose clothing that radiates that feeling and above all feels very good on your skin. Wearing something that feels good on your skin, whether it’s a pair of pants, a skirt or a dress, ensures that you can retain your “goddess” feeling throughout the day.

3. Break through your routine
Put a few reminders in your phone that pop-up randomly in the day with questions like “what do I want now?”, “Give someone a compliment, a present or send a nice message”, “What do I see, feel, hear, taste or smell right now that makes me feel good? ” Try to find the answers in beautiful, small, tasty things that are nearby, that you can easily do or buy or get where you are at that moment. Such as buying a delicious piece of chocolate to join your coffee or move to another desk where the sun shines through the window. It keeps the day exciting and in constant contact with your pleasure. This helps remind you that you’re a goddess who deserves everything she wants.

4. Communicate your desires

Although for some understandable reasons some women are reluctant to ask for a higher   price for their services or make the decision for extra free time, expressing and communicating about your needs and what you want is one of the most important things to stay close to your true self and to stay connected with your natural powers. Therefore train yourself to say what you need, want and desire every day, from small to large desires. If someone asks you if you want a cup of coffee, don’t say “No, thanks.” I’ll get something myself ” because you don’t want to bother anyone. But answer with what you really want from the coffee corner; “Yes please. I’d like a cappuccino with soy milk and a little bit of vanilla syrup ”. When you’re in a meeting and have a good idea; give yourself permission to share that idea during the meeting and don’t think “I’ll do that next time.” Speak out. Only then will you get what you desire.

But an even bigger obstacle is perhaps not even knowing what you want. Because women often grow up with the idea that they’re there to serve and please others, we often don’t even know what kind of food we desire or what we’d like to do during our date with our partner.


Do you recognize this in yourself? Then start with Tip 1 to 4 to get more and more in touch with your feelings and fill out your email address below if you’re interested to know when the Sensual Business Roadmap course is open for enrollment!

In this we’ll go much deeper into how you can use your feeling in your life and business, how to activate your sensuality, learn to read your feelings and use it run your business in a more powerful, successful and less stressful way. And all of that while staying true to yourself and your vision!