You’ve started your business a while ago with full passion and energy. You’re doing everything yourself from ordering toilet paper to doing the marketing and sales. 

And all is fine… 


Because you’re doing what you love, it’s your baby and everything that has to do with it gives you energy or feels like you’re the only one who knows how to handle it well.

But then, and for some sooner and others later, it suddenly feels like you’ve done everything a thousand times (and you might actually have) and things get boring. Or you start noticing that some parts of your business give you energy, but others only drain energy out of you… Things are getting really boring! Or to stay in my own House of Ladypreneurs vocabulary… Less pleasurable… 😉

Of course, we all have stuff that we don’t like to do in our business and I don’t believe you can ban out everything you don’t like, but sometimes it can take over too much of your time and take away all of the pleasure. And that’s definitely NOT what we’re after.

And even though this happens to a lot of us, and we often hear the ‘no pain, no gain’ phrase and we feel we should not complain about it, because hey, without struggle no success… Right? But let me tell you, that doesn’t mean this is the only way of running your business.

Actually I’d like to say it’s the wrong way of running your business if you’re in it for the long run and want to keep enjoying what you do in that same time.

We need to give ourselves permission to have a great time, to really enjoy what we’re doing and to not settle for less. Why are we so wired to focus on the struggle more than on the pleasure?


Because we need to be aware of any danger and be able to respond quickly with our full atention with body and mind when we’re out in the wild or in any other life threatening situation. But this, for most of us, is not the case when we’re running our business and living our passion. 



There are two ways of getting into running a business in a flowing and fun way. 
• One; is to simply schedule more time for the things that really give you energy
• Two; is to stop doing the things that drain your energy. Either because you actually don’t really need to do them for the success of your business. Even though you thought you did. Or, to give them to someone else who loves to do them.

And believe me, for every task you don’t like, there is someone who loves to do it. And might even be way better at it too!

Letting others do your energy draining work will give you the space and energy to really focus on the success of your business and a boost to grow it to the next level.


So the most important questions to ask yourself is what activities in your business give you the most energy and a real sense of excitement?

And I want you to give yourself permission to really block a lot more time in your agenda for these activities.

Yes, I’m saying give yourself permission as I want you to really give yourself the time to focus on the pleasure in your business.