2020 was officially the most intense year out of my almost 12 years of being an entrepreneur.

As you might know, with House of Ladypreneurs I stand for: Feel, Love, Create. And that is what I did in 2020.

I’ve felt the deepest fear and sadness, I’ve felt freedom and that I’m on the right path. My path. I’ve felt the depth of my resilience and that of my sister (and business partner) Floortje, my businesses and my children…

I’ve learned to love myself even more, and I’ve learned to love the process… there are so many answers in the process if you consciously feel whatever there is to feel. 
And I’ve felt the love for and from all of my friends and family who have been by my side in this crazy year.


Because of multiple lockdowns we’ve recreated rasalila from an ‘offline’ studio to an online studio, again and again and once more…  We’ve also created and launched the Conscious Movement Program. Not knowing how relevant a lot of the subjects we discuss in the courses would be for a lot of us.
Launching an online program is just as intense as launching a physical product or studio… But it’s an amazing ride. 


By coaching other Ladypreneurs in the pandemic year and just by living my own life, I’ve also learned that letting go is a serious artform. Letting go of what was, letting go of the shapes and forms that we’re used to living our lives in, letting go of the pressure society can put on us to perform, produce and to go on and on… letting go of fear and what can feel like competition of who is the best, the most flexible, the most ambitious, the one with the most clients, the most money, the most…

I’ve learned that the art of letting go is about experiencing how rich life feels to be able to let go of anything that needs to be let go of. To shape and form a life and business in a way that feels just the way you want it to feel, not how others want you to shape it. To experience lightness in choosing to be fully you and not to cover anything up or to pursue a kind of success that is not ours, but someone else’s. 

To be ourselves. In our most independent form; independent in a way that let’s us be and supports us to be who we are and therefore bringing us closer to others than we ever were before.


But without actively seeking play, laughter and pleasure as a part of my 2020 diet, I wouldn’t be where I am now; Looking forward to what 2021 will bring, with trust.


NEW YEARS GIFT (until 15 January)
And of course I know and experienced that all of this is not easy and know that these topics are also a challenge for a lot of you. I also know that help from others is crucial in making important steps in our lives. And that’s why I’m giving you a
New Years gift that will help you both in your business as well in your life:

Give yourself permission to feel, to love, to create. On your own terms.

To discover the art of Letting go, and to play!

Happy New Year to all of you!