Want to know the TWO BEST decisions I made for my business last year?

I’ll tell you…

The first was to focus completely on authenticity… The second was to create multiple online programs

And here’s why…

Flow and creativity need authenticity


OK, let me explain…. Often when we feel stuck or out of inspiration, we actually feel too scared to take steps…. we compare ourselves to others, lack confidence and boldness because we’re afraid of what others might say about it. Your brain freezes on the idea that they might think differently than you, don’t feel your words, your products… And that just kills your flow and creativity. Big time. 

So, when we feel we can be authentic (‘acting on who I really am and what feels good to me’) and are letting out the person who we are deeply inside, accept and love this person in all its shapes and sizes (and with all its insecurities and confidence ;-)… Then the flow will come back and so will your creativity and confidence. All you need to do is to love yourself deeply and be kind to all the aspects of you. Even the aspects that you originally don’t really like. Look at them with compassion. 

And that’s what I’ve been focussing on…. With multiple new products as a result… 


And that’s really the point here. 

Running a business is about creation 

Creativity needs space and flexibility. Even in times like these where we can feel stuck in lockdowns and situations that feel impossible. 

How can you find space in this situation? 

As a business owner, you’ve got to FIND ways to CREATE.
You need to be bold and figure out where the possibilities are to create. And you need to get it out in the world. 
Doing nothing will not do anything. Waiting until something is perfect will not do anything. And perfection will most likely never happen. Creation is the way to go. And trusting your gut, yourself, your authentic self.


So, I’ve made an online membership program called The rasalila Conscious Movement Program, have thrown myself in the deep end starting a monthly group coaching session within this membership program, launched online courses for Amsterdam School of Burlesque, and made an online video library for rasalila with a selection out of the hundreds of online classes that we recorded for rasalila in the past year….  

And I think you’re already getting the picture for just how much I love to create. And to keep serving even in times like these. And all of this didn’t happen if I wasn’t focussing on my authenticity and if I wasn’t able to be bold and courageous enough to create and launch it to the world.
Inspiring all the people that all these programs are serving.

Creativity and productivity come most with outputs that matter most to you.

This means that you have to focus on what matters to you from the inside out and that creativity and productivity will flow out almost instantly this way…