5 Daily Habits I have for a Sensual (& FUN!) work day

I often get the question what my daily habits are to keep my energy flowing, my days productive and my stress low... So I made an Instagram Live video and now posted it here too for more people to see it... In this video I talk about the 5 most effective Sensuality in...

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How to do it all; Energy, Positivity & Planning

In the past 10 years I've started 4 businesses, I've terminated two of them and I've had 2 children.So I've been busy. And I got asked to give a presentation to tell about what drives me and how I make my choices and how I keep my energy high and positivity up. The...

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How To Stay True To Yourself While Running A Business

A while ago I put out a call for your help in putting the final touches in place before I release The Ladypreneur Strategy course and the response was overwhelming! Thank you all so much. I’ve got pages and pages of questions about running a business as a Ladypreneur...

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How to Stay Positive (for a succesful business)

You can listen to this episode and download it’s mp3 from my podcast for free here: Running a business is only partially about knowing what tools and tricks to pull, about knowledge of finance, administration or marketing. Because for a large part it actually is a...

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9 Simple & Soulful Marketing Steps

You can listen to this episode and download it's mp3 from my podcast for free here: It is extremely important to not only to gather knowledge around your products and services, but also to invest time and energy in how you can make your company successful in a way...

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How To Create a Business That You’ll Love?

Listen to this Podcast Stream this episode My credo is; feel, love, create. Because I deeply believe that we all need to work towards the things that just feel good. When things feels good, you will love it and when you love it you will automatically start creating...

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Ladypreneur Story – Willemijn Laan

Willemijn Laan is Creator and Business coach of House of Ladypreneurs. In this interview she answers questions about her life as a Ladypreneur, her passion, why she started her business and what keeps her up at night.

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