Become That Amazing Ladypreneur With a Business That You Love…

You LOVE to be an Entrepreneur (or solopreneur), or WANT to be an entrepreneur but you get stuck in all the HOW to do it all, the FEAR of feeling you aren’t good enough, and the QUESTIONS around so many topics that aren’t your specialty, but come with having a business. Am I right?

Let Me Help You…

From PLANNING your work around the KIDS or LIFE or getting rid of that thought of ‘Who am I to think I can do this’ to how to get into MARKETING without having the feeling I have to sell my SOUL.. I know how you’re feeling…

 But first, here’s my backstory:

I’ve been owning my businesses since 2010 and know all the ups and downs of having a business, being a mother (of two: 2012 & 2016) and trying to figure out a lot of stuff that comes with having a business (or two). I was working as a freelancer in marketing communications and for large corporate companies and advertising agencies

After doing that for a while I noticed that it wasn’t really my passion working for these big companies and I felt I couldn’t make a big difference for them and couldn’t be as creative as I wanted to be. But I didn’t really know what else I could do…

I talked to my sister and she was already following her heart a bit more at the time and was working as a yoga and dance teacher. We started talking about having our own yoga & dance studio, together.

This made me SUPER excited… Creating something for ourselves…  That we decided to do it. Even though I was working and making six figures a year as a freelancer. We decided to start our own studio and follow our heart, because there was a rumbling inside of me for MORE… And so should you…

It turned out that it is my PASSION to be an entrepreneur and to start and to create businesses, products and services. And after experiencing the joy and fulfillment of coaching others to the greatness we all carry inside, I couldn’t go back.

And that’s why I studied the art of coaching and teaching and created my business coaching programs to help passionate Ladypreneurs like YOU design their dream lives and businesses.

My 12 Week one-on-one Coaching Program is for you if:

  • You’re not sure how to get to the next level of success, productivity and vibrancy

  • You want MORE Clarity, Energy, Courage and Structure

  • You want to not only have a thriving business but an overall THRIVING life with passion, meaning, joy and abundance

Here’s what you’ll receive…


Twelve 1-hour private coaching calls with me, filled with strategies to elevate your life and business.

(Virtual or Live in Amsterdam)

Worksheets after each session to continue and deepen what we’ve worked on.


Unlimited email access to pick my brain for the entire 12 weeks.

It isn’t a coaching program as you might already know. The program is structured in twelve different topics. Every week we’ll go through a different topic and we’ll have a goal for that week. I’ll give you tools and worksheets after each session for you to continue what we’ve worked on.

Here’s a quick overview

WEEKS 1 – 4


  • Get a better understanding of you and your super powers.

  • Get a better understanding of where you want to go and what you should focus on right now.

  • Develop and maintain the right mindset of a happy and successful Ladypreneur

Identify your ideal audience and craft your unique, powerful message to reach them.

WEEKS 5 – 8


    • Create your unique products and services to serve your ideal audience

    • Identify the right pricing for your products

    • What is marketing and how can you use it for you business? Learn the smart way to put yourself out there and become more visible.

    • Master social media and other tools you can use to get your story out there

WEEKS 10 – 12



Set up a long and short term plan without overwhelm

  • Set up efficient systems to help you work smarter

  • Implement a simple and effective administration and scale up your money wisdom

Your investment for the 12-week program: €1995

My 3-week one-on-one Coaching Program is for you if:

  • You feel you need some energy back into your business.

  • You need someone to help you to quickly go from ideas into actions that you love.

  • You are looking for support and exploring and creating solutions together in order to grow your business.

Here’s what you’ll receive…


Three 1-hour private coaching calls with me, filled with strategies to elevate your life and business.

(Virtual or Live in Amsterdam)

2-3 Focus Areas to Explore during the sessions


Worksheets after each session to continue and deepen what we’ve worked on.

This 3-week coaching program is an action-packed program, designed to help you quickly go from ideas to action. We’ll focus on 2-3 areas in your business where you need the most help, by exploring and creating solutions together to support your growth.

Your investment for the 3-week program:

What others think of my coaching programs:

I did the 12 -week Business Coaching Program and the worksheets are amazing and super valuable. I also loved that when I was insecure, Willemijn could quickly give space and would switch from practical to more emotional topics.

The program really helped me to continue, reflect and also find my way to shape my service and product.

Willemijn is very competent, super sharp and always very well prepared. She asks questions that are straightforward and on point. What I liked was that she also did little brainstorms with me or gave her opinion, but never overruled me.

Her knowledge of what is involved in starting and owning a business is super helpful. During the sessions there’s a great balance between discussing the hard business skills and space for the interpersonal and emotional reflection.

A. Matthijssen

HR Business Partner & People Development Coach, Matter of Minds

I had a super fun, interesting and inspiring business coaching session with House of Ladypreneurs. I can now move forward with the tips & assignments I received and am totally motivated again! I can do this!

M. van Kuijl

Business owner Lost in Paradise (in formation)

It was a great to have business coaching, especially because it took place on such a personal level. Recognition and sharing can be so nice! The core that I have taken out is mainly ‘do not let yourself be stopped by your own fear and by negative reactions from others’. Which sounds very obvious, but can be a huge pitfall for me.

I Nijhuis

Costumier & Burlesque Performer

I’d LOVE to help you…

You have a choice to make. You can keep doing what you’ve been doing and take years to set up your business or to make your business stronger. Or, you can hire a coach who’s been in your shoes to help you shorten your learning curve.

Please note that I only have space for a few coaching clients per week.

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