The Ladypreneur Strategy Course 2019 

Create your dream business while staying true to your (feminine) self.



Hello Lady!


Staying true to yourself is awesome. Always actually. But when you’ve discovered how you can use it for your business it’s magic. 


And because you are a Ladypreneur who wants the best for yourself you’re looking for a way to create a business that’s serving you, that’s giving you the money to comfortably live the life you desire, but also gives you the freedom to work on your own terms, to feel the best you can be and with the confidence to take on all the challenges that come your way.  


And that’s why I’ve made The Ladypreneur Strategy Course in a way that it will work magic for all Ladypreneurs. It will help you if you’re;


  • Just starting out,
  • If you’re in business for a while already, but feel stuck or without energy and inspiration.
  • Or it’s an awesome opportunity for when you just feel that there should be more possible for you and your business.


It’s also for you when you’re a freelancer or solopreneur getting hired by other businesses to be of service for them and you’re not sure how to get control over your own business. And it’s for you if you aren’t sure if being in business is something for you or when starting a business just feels sooo overwhelming right now, but you’d like to know how to get started in a solid way that feels good…

Being a Ladypreneur is, besides knowing your market, knowing your audience, knowing your products, also dealing with a lot of stress, juggling your time between work and family, overwhelm, fear and desire. It’s working the magic by yourself and managing the people around you to work the magic for you…
And this course will take you though all aspects of your business both the practical stuff as the inevitable emotional stuff. Doing this course will let you experience both more growth, more money, more succes as well as more ease, more sense of direction, confidence and more flow.


I just love business and women in business and all of their potential. And I want you to create a dream business while staying true to your (feminine) self. The way to do that is to combine the feeling and softer side of bringing your personality in your business with the more practical side and getting things done. And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing in this course!


This course brings light to the possibilities of your business and life in balance,
you’ll be inspired and energized because of the clarity you’ll gain.
And all the practical stuff will be explained step by step for you!



You Can Create Success… Without losing yourself!

> It’s about doing LESS with more FOCUS.

> It’s about choosing strategies that make the biggest IMPACT that also FEEL good.

> It’s about knowing what you DESIRE and WANT and to go only for that.

I’ve never seen myself as an entrepreneur, but while doing the course I really had a mindset shift: That I’m the CEO of my business and that I need to take myself serious. I now feel that I have clarity and going in the right direction. I realized that I actually really enjoy what I’m doing with my business


Yoga Studio Owner, Madrid

About Willemijn

I’ve been owning my businesses since 2010 and know all the ups and downs of having a business, being a mother (of two: 2012 & 2016) and trying to figure out a lot of stuff that comes with having a business (or two) on your own.

I’ve worked as a freelance marketing & communication manager in large corporate companies, started my own movement studio rasalila with no budget whatsoever. rasalila has now grown into a multiple 6-figure business and keeps growing ever since the beginning. I owned a DIY shop, but had to decide to end that adventure after two years. This was a great lesson in following what was best for my business, but also to find out what I REALLY wanted.

For House of Ladypreneurs I offer coaching for women that follows your TRUE SELF and PASSION. We are not talking about how you build a million Dollar/Euro company, but how you give your (entrepreneural) Self-Confidence a boost, how to make contact with your real desires and how you turn that into concrete business strategies. I can give you super practical tips and am a big lover of mindset challenges at the same time.

With my years of experience as a marketing and communication specialist in the corporate and advertising world, and my experience owning a multiple 6-figure movement studio I’ve worked with many yoga teachers, dance teachers, health coaches, life coaches, meditation teachers, social content managers, web designers, yoga studio owners, photographers, spiritual teachers, fitness experts, and more. I have a wide knowledge in the field of female business owners as heart centered and passionate service providers. Like myself…

I joined the Ladypreneur Strategy online Course. I enjoyed the course very much! It gave me insights in different parts
of entrepreneurship, in a very easy way.  Willemijn makes it very easy to watch the videos because of the natural way she talks.
And it is very convenient that you can watch it whenever YOU want to.
Since implementing what I’ve learned in the course my
businesses is growing and I even have more fun in running my business!


Entrepreneur, Amsterdam





Once I learned how to stay true to myself while running a business, how to keep my energy and positivity high and learned all the practical stuff that comes with running a business, I accomplished to have a family with two kids, two companies and still feel the energy and balance in life to spend with family and friends. And I want to help you do this too, not necessarily the two kids and two businesses, but I do want you to feel inspired and enjoying your business and life all at the same time.
This course will take you on a journey through your whole business.

And I’d love for you to be a part of this Ladypreneur community. So if you’re interested in this amazing journey than fill in your email address below and I’ll let you know as soon as enrollment opens again!  


During the 6 weeks and six modules of the course you’ll have a complete Business Pampering Retreat which will serve the heart and soul of your business as well as yours.


  • CLARITY we’re going to seek clarity about yourself and your business. This will be the foundation or Roadmap for you as a Ladypreneur. It will give you directions and guiding in a way.
  • GETTING THINGS DONE, BUT WITH LESS OVERWHELM  you’ll learn to GET THINGS DONE, BUT WITH LESS OVERWHELM. And all this with keeping an eye on the balance you need for your work, yourself and your family and friends.
  • STRATEGIES : We’ll discover all about STRATEGIES FOR THE SUCCESS YOU’ll LOVE. We’ll map out what niche you should be focussing on, who your perfect clients are, and what the best offer is for them. And the best part of it all, you get to choose them all, because it’s your business!
  • MARKETING: this is one of my favorites because I love a good CONSCIOUS MARKETING PLAN. We’ll go over how to do marketing, but without the feeling of selling yourself. It will be conscious as in staying true and conscious about yourself AND your customers. We’ll figure out ways how to reach your clients in a way that feels natural and not an outer body experience.
  • MINDSET: we’ll be diving deep into GENERATING POSITIVITY AND RAISING OUR ENERGY LEVEL,  teaching you ways to stay positive in this crazy world of business, because running a business, especially a small and personal business can feel vulnerable and super scary. Especially when business is going slow for a while or when you are just about to launch something new. I will also give you some practices on how to keep your energy high while things get busy…
  • MONEY: we’ll go deep into MONEY and HOW TO HANDLE IT LIKE A LADYPRENEUR. We’ll go from your money mindset to the more practical stuff on how to handle your administration and calculate your right price.
  • WORKSHEETS And with every module you’ll get a worksheet to keep working on what we’ve talked about in each module.




The Ladypreneur Strategy Course and coaching program has helped me to stay on my own track, to take on responsibilities
and to own my vision and to express it. It has strengthened me in doing several pitches for potential clients, staying true to myself
and to stand for what I believe: to challenge the status quo in HR of organisations


HR Consultant, Amsterdam

Support system

You don’t have to go through your process alone. You can always ask us questions and there will be a community facebook group to get support from. We want to see you succeed!

I have joined the Ladypreneur Strategy course from House of Ladypreneurs.
It is a
very comprehensive online course in which Willemijn takes you into the world of entrepreneurship.
In addition to the numerous practical tips, Willemijn also shares the emotional side of doing business as a woman.
Willemijn is full of enthusiasm and passion about entrepreneurship as a woman and knows how to touch the right chord.
During the course it can be hard work to find the right answers for yourself and your business,
but if you are willing to do that you will get so much out of it!


Illustrator, Haarlem

I am SUPER exited!
You have taken the first step to become the Ladypreneur you want to be!

Love, Willemijn

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