6 Days to Clarity, Ending Overwhelm & Designing a Business on Your Own Terms 



Do you ever wish someone would Help you to get your Business to the Next Level or to get through the Overwhelming Phases of starting a new business?


Someone that would help You Activate more Focus and Less Stress?

How about some Insights and Tricks to feel good and to keep your Momentum going?

And what about someone that will Help you Create your business completely like YOU want it to be… No playing small… But, most important of all, going for what FEELS GOOD TO YOU.


That is EXACTLY what this challenge will do for YOU!


In this FREE challenge you’ll learn:




  • How to define where you want to go with your business based on your needs & desires.
  • How to reach the clients that fit your business perfectly
  • How to clear out your to-do list and get laser-focussed on what is needed for your business
  • How to keep your energy and confidence high and feeling awesome on a daily basis
  • How to make your life easier, by implementing some quick and easy systems
  • How to set goals that you really feel and desire


“I will give you my best tools and worksheets. You’ll have to do the work, but together we will make you the Ladypreneur you desire to be!”

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Willemijn Laan and the creator of House of Ladypreneurs. I’ve been helping and teaching Ladypreneurs for some years now to achieve a successful business while staying true to themselves, while growing their feeling of being worthy and growing the confidence to show themselves and their vision to the world.


I’m a Ladypreneur myself since 2009 now, having started 4 businesses (one of which movement studio rasalila, together with my sister. And still going strong) and made 2 beautiful children since that time. I’ve been through all the feelings and emotions that come with running your own business. I’ve had so many fears of failure, fears of not being successful enough or good enough or questions about if what I was doing was the right thing. As well as the doubts about whether I made the right decisions for myself and my business. And with that came the stress. I felt tired and lacked energy and flow.


And this was NOT what I wanted when I started my own business. What I wanted was to feel like a Passion Driven Business Goddess. 🙂


I realized that feeling good and getting energy from the things I do are my biggest motivator; the maintenance of my joy and pleasure. And with that the trust that the money will follow. I wanted to lower my stress level, feel good about myself and what I’m working so hard for and receive a good amount of money for the risk and the work that I put into it. 


I wanted to feel ‘turned on’, do well, earn money, share my knowledge with the world, make a difference and all while feeling flowing and sexy and feminine and the best version of myself.


And over the past years, this has been my main topic of research. Which resulted in the practical side of running a business to be deeply combined and intertwined with feeling, authenticity and the sensuality of business within my coaching and training.



“I want you to feel like a Passion Driven Business Goddess too!”

Give Yourself Permission to Let Her Out....

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“I will give you my best business tools and together we'll make you the Ladypreneur you desire to be!”

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