The Sensual Business Roadmap Course

A pure online resource for Ladypreneurs seeking
energy, flow, inspiration and confidence in running
your business — whichever stage of being a business
owner you’re in.


You want a business in which you feel alive, juicy, flowing
and inspired. 
One that doesn’t overwhelm you and has
control over you, but that allows you to feel excitement,
confidence and success.

So many Ladypreneurs I talk to feel stuck and are in need of inspiration. Some experience lack of fun or a lot of overwhelm. Others struggle with a low confidence to show themselves and their products to the world. And most Ladypreneurs just don’t know where to start to have their natural flow as an consistent part of their working days.

My course will help you deal with feelings of self-doubt, the fear of having to sell your soul to the ‘devil’ to get by financially, to stay close to your true self.. You’ll find out how sensuality can improve your life and business or break open the feeling of being stuck in your business and find your inner passion driven business goddess. 

This course will give you the vocabulary and practices to explore what pleasures you and become more open and intentional with your business needs.

I’m Willemijn Laan and I’ve been coaching and teaching Ladypreneurs for some time already and am a Ladypreneur for over 10 years myself now. I’ve had 4 different business in this time and have been through all the struggles and ups and downs of running them AND keeping my personal life fun and well. All while having two beautiful children to raise and good friends that I’d like to see on a regular basis too. In this period of time I’ve talked to and coached over a 100 Ladypreneurs and know that we’re all looking for the same feelings of freedom, confidence, success and staying close to our true selves. And this is a challenge for all of us in one way or the other.
Once you know how to use your personal Sensual Business Roadmap it will bring you to your inner Passion Driven Business Goddess and you can let her run your business. And change your struggles into success; on your own terms. When you have this feeling of being a business goddess it feels like you can run the world like Beyonce… And that’s what this video is about… are you ready to use your sensuality to become a Passion Driven Business Goddess? 
Now… I’ve helped many Ladypreneurs following their dreams, defining success on their own terms and focussing on what feels good to them in order to grow their business.

How the Course Works


So first off, when you join the Sensual Business Roadmap Course you get all the information to create your personal Sensual Business Roadmap. I have broken up this training into individual training modules where I’ll walk you through all of the steps to reconnect with your juicy, sensual, confident self and to create your personal Sensual Business Roadmap. This is the way to your inner Passion Driven Business Goddess. You get different video’s, tools and worksheets that’ll help you to use your sensuality to your business’s advantage.


Forever access


And after the program is over, you’ll still have access… so you’ll be able to go back over the material at your leisure. You’ll find that the ability to review the material as often as you like… at your own convenience… is simply priceless.



Willemijn understands what it is to use your feminine super powers when running a business. Thank you for being your own best example and spreading the knowledge you gained as both an entrepreneur and sensual woman.
Willemijn Welten

The House of Ladypreneurs work has helped me to stay on my own track, to take on responsibilities and to own my vision and to express it. It has strengthened me in staying true to myself and to stand for what I believe!

Annemieke Matthijssen

Since implementing what I’ve learned from you, my business is growing and I have a lot more fun in running it!
Jessica van Lieshout

A Guide to Your inner Passion Driven Business Goddess


Over the course of 3 modules, including multiple video’s, accompanying exercises and worksheets, the Sensual Business Roadmap will teach you:


  1. What sensuality can do for you as a Ladypreneur and why feeling juicy is the key to succes
  2. How to reconnect with your own sensuality as your guide to clarity, confidence, fun and success.
  3. A step by step introduction to make your own personal Sensual Business Roadmap.

You’ll also get different tools and worksheets. And you’ll learn how to use your sensuality to your advantage within your business.

Do you recognize this….



  • Lack energy to really go for what you want
  • Miss flow in your work and feel it drains you
  • Feel a lot of negative energy and doubt towards what you’re working on
  • Spend a lot of time wondering if what you do is the right path for you
  • Doubt if people will like what you have to offer
  • Feel scared to really go for it
  • Are not sure that what you do is what you really want

What if you’d experience…



  • Could rule the world and have fun while doing it
  • Have a lot of flow in your work that feels so good you want more and more of it
  • Know that what you’re doing is what you want and desire
  •  Are inspiring others with your energy and gifts
  • Are a true Passion Driven Business Goddess
  • Feel confident and grounded and know what to do next
  • Know exactly what you want and trust you will achieve it
  • Feel sexy and energized every single day

What to expect…

  • Extensive training video workshops.
  • Simple but powerfull exercises
  • Step by step guidance
  • And probably some amazing extra’s!

Willemijn is a true Hero in creating clarity and running a business in a sensual and feminine way.

Ariana Norcia

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