Sensuality and Business are two words that we don’t often read in one sentence. Yet connecting our sexuality and sensuality can be the key to developing confidence to pursue what we want at work – and everywhere in life actually. At the same time, this goes against many of what women are taught and we struggle through our work that many of us associate with being exhausted, stressed and, above all, mainly doing things for others…

Willemijn understands what it is to use your feminine super powers when running a business. Thank you for being your own best example and spreading the knowledge you gained as both an entrepreneur and sensual woman.
Willemijn Welten

The House of Ladypreneurs work has helped me to stay on my own track, to take on responsibilities and to own my vision and to express it. It has strengthened me in staying true to myself and to stand for what I believe!

Annemieke Matthijssen

Since implementing what I’ve learned from you, my business is growing and I have a lot more fun in running it!
Jessica van Lieshout

I want to help you make it more fun and playful. Many women have a business that takes far more hours than is paid for and feel exhausted and without inspiration. Do you recognize this? 
You may practice yoga, try to eat healthier, exercise etc, but without lasting results. What you probably have not done yet is to focus on yourself. On your own pleasure and on the power of your sensuality and desires…

Do you recognize this….



  • Lack energy to really go for what you want
  • Miss flow in your work and feel it drains you
  • Feel a lot of negative energy and doubt towards what you’re working on
  • Spend a lot of time wondering if what you do is the right path for you
  • Doubt if people will like what you have to offer
  • Feel scared to really go for it
  • Are not sure that what you do is what you really want

What if you’d experience…



  • Could rule the world and have fun while doing it
  • Have a lot of flow in your work that feels so good you want more and more of it
  • Know that what you’re doing is what you want and desire
  •  are inspiring others with your energy and gifts
  • Are a true Passion Driven Business Goddess
  • Feel confident and grounded and know what to do next
  • Know exactly what you want and trust you will achieve it
  • feel sexy and energized every single day

What to expect…

  • Every other day, you’ll receive an email with a video workshop.
  • Simply do the exercises in the video, and feel the difference.

What you’ll get…

    • Every Other Day an Inspiring Video.
    • Plus a Some Simple Exercises or a Guided Meditation.

Willemijn is a true Hero in creating clarity and running a business in a sensual and feminine way.

Ariana Norcia

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